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An Encounter with Christ:

Oct 29, 2023    Pastor Matt Young

Join Pastor Matt Young in a profound Bible series, "An Encounter with Christ," where we delve into the transformative meetings between Jesus and two remarkable figures: a woman burdened with a chronic ailment and a man weighed down by societal disdain and personal guilt.

Witness Healing Beyond Measure

Discover the story of a woman who, plagued by an issue of blood for twelve years, finds herself at the brink of despair. Yet, in her most desperate moment, she reaches out to touch the hem of Jesus' garment. Her story is not just one of miraculous healing but also a powerful testament to confronting and overcoming the shackles of our past through faith. This encounter speaks volumes about the courage to step out of our shadows and the willingness to believe in the possibility of a new beginning.

See Transformation Through Acceptance

Meet Zacchaeus, a man whose name is synonymous with betrayal in the eyes of his community. As a tax collector, his encounter with Jesus could have been one of judgment, but it became an invitation to change and an opportunity to make things right. Zacchaeus' story is a clear depiction of how an honest confrontation with our past, coupled with the transformative acceptance offered by Christ, can set the stage for radical change.

Encounter with Christ:

Zacchaeus was short and could not see Jesus due to the crowd, so he climbed a sycamore-fig tree for a better view.

Jesus notices him and calls him by name, telling Zacchaeus that He must stay at his house. This was shocking to the crowd, as Jesus, a respected teacher, chose to be a guest of a sinner.

The Outcome:

Zacchaeus' encounter with Jesus leads to a heart transformation. He vows to give half of his possessions to the poor and to repay four times the amount if he has cheated anybody.

Jesus announces that salvation has come to Zacchaeus' house, affirming that He came to seek and save the lost.

Points to Note:

Jesus' approach to Zacchaeus is proactive; He initiates the interaction.

Zacchaeus' response to Jesus is immediate and radical, his life changes direction as a result of this encounter.

The story emphasizes Jesus' mission to reach out to those who are marginalized and deemed unworthy by society.

Why Watch "An Encounter with Christ"?

This series is not just a recounting of historical events; it's an invitation to all who yearn for a change. Whether it's the pain of the past or the mistakes that haunt us, Jesus' encounters with these individuals show us that we too can experience a life-altering meeting with the Savior.

For the Seeking Hearts: If you've been searching for a sign to deal with the past that hinders your present, let these stories guide you toward that first step.

For the Burdened Souls: If you carry a burden that's too heavy to bear, see how a single moment of faith can lighten a lifetime of pain.

For the Lost and Found: If you wonder whether transformation is possible for you, witness how Christ's love restores the lost to places of honor.

Embark on a journey with us every Sunday to uncover how these encounters are not just tales of old, but living messages that resonate with our lives today. It's time to face our past, embrace the present, and step into the future with renewed hope.

"An Encounter with Christ" is more than a series; it's a personal invitation to healing and redemption. Don't miss out on this transformative experience.